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It would be great if I could work in the art and food cultural fields as kind of a bridge between Japan and the World. 
I’ve learnt and done some activities for making Japanese traditional artistic sweet called "Wagashi" which is including 
the Japanese cuisine “Washoku” designated officially as Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2014.  The reason why I’m interested in “Wagashi” is that I feel the Japanese unique mind such as respecting nature, loving tiny things and feeling beauty from ephemeral things might be embodied in the artistic sweets "Wagashi". 
It might be not easy for non-Japanese to understand that kind of uniqueness but I believe that we might find something great from different feelings between variety of people in the world and Japanese.
I have an idea that "Wagashi" has some potential to give people in the world a better understanding of Japanese 
unique sense and way of life, and the uniqueness also could contribute and has a hint to find a new global 
intelligence and to create enrich communities in the world. Therefore, I hope I could contribute realizeing 
a spiritually rich society through introducing the Japanese art and food culture to the world.

Wagashi - Japanese Sweets:

・Learn Wagashi in Wagashi no Atelier  

・Lecturer for Hope College -Meiji Gakuin University Summer Program

・Wagashi Coordinator(3rd Grade) of International Association of Food

   Business License Japan

 和菓子のあとりえ 宮澤裕通氏に師事

   明治学院大学 ホープカレッジ短期留学生向け 和菓子講座 講師




・Japanese Green Tea Adviser of Japanese Nihoncha Instructor Association




・Food Sanitation Manager in Food Sanitation Association of Tokyo

・Herb and Edible Flower Coordinator in Japan Cutting Flower Association




Ikebana -Japanese traditional flower arrengement:

・Certificate in Associate 2nd Term Masters' Course of Ohara Ikebana School



Social activity:

・Fellow of The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)



・MA in Media and Public Relations, Newcastle University, UK

・BA in Political Science, Meiji Gakuin University,JAPAN

・Certificate in exchange student program, Hope College, USA

 英国ニューカッスル大学院 メディア&PR修士号

 明治学院大学 法学部政治学科 学士号


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